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Lorry cranes are lorries attached with a crane operated by drivers that are used for lifting and moving heavy objects. At NEK, our experienced drivers make sure your goods are sent meticulously and with ease.

Our Lorry Crane comes in different types, 10 Tons, 15 Tons, 20 Tons, 30 Tons, 50 Tons


Our lorries cover a length of 24ft by the width of 7.9ft with a max laden of 15 tons. Mostly used for delivering pallets, cases, bins or any heavy cargoes. We also provide the manpower needed for loading/unloading purposes.


Self-loader is a smaller version of Low bed. As its name suggests, the goods are usually loaded by themselves. It requires the driver to operate the machinery and load it up. At NEK, we have very experienced drivers who have the capability to operate any kind of machinery with safety as their priority.


Trailers are large transport vehicles designed to be hauled by a truck for transporting long or irregularly shaped loads such as poles & pipes or any heavy cargoes.


Low Bed is a semi-trailer with a drop in deck height right after the gooseneck. This allows it to be lower compared to other trailers. It offers the ability to carry any legal goods or machinery up to 11.5ft (3.5m) tall, which other trailers cannot.


A side lifter is a container trailer that is capable of loading and unloading containers on its own without the help of a lorry crane or a forklift. It comes in handy and helps to solve situations when space is limited for hoisting a container.



Container trucking is delivering goods that are containerized. Placing goods into container protect the goods against water and impact. It also aids in the process of transportation.

We have different types of containers, standard containers, open-top containers, flat-rack containers, and reefer containers.


Forming goods to compact forms; packs or bundles into crates etc to suit customer needs for storage or transportation.


Stuffing is the process of placing goods into containers, be it standard containers, flat rack containers, open-top containers, or reefer containers.

Un-stuffing is the process of taking goods out of the containers.

We have decades of experience and the necessary equipments for stuffing and un-stuffing, thus ensuring your goods are well-protected and keeping the cost affordable.